Why BoxedCMS?

CMS Fact

Over time we've seen most of the sites being deployed on Wordpress has failed due to lack of scale and limitation to add custom features in the software. Most of the CMS platforms cannot deliver high end vertical specific websites based on the client requirements which are affordable and efficient.

Hence, we thought BoxedCMS could outperform other off-the-shelf CMS systems and will be the best platform to deal with vertical-specific business directories, news and city portals.


BoxedCMS is built using NodeJS, AngularJS to give the stylish effect and ease of use. Mongo DB for storing the database. With NodeJS we can scale and there are no limitations to add new features.

BoxedCMS is owned by the company Boxed Publishing Services Pvt. Ltd as a 'product' we sell to clients.


BoxedCMS editor allows you to do everything and anything to publish content in the front-end.

Authors are designated with their profile to get credibility of the story. Ease of use with embedding media and publish story on a future date.We've also implemented statistical analysis of article popularity and user commenting. The potential for using the WYSIWYG editor in BoxedCMS is limitless.

Migrating Content

Content migrating from the existing platform to BoxedCMS was a real challenge. BoxedCMS also have the feature of migrating any content from any platform through a CSV file. Furthermore, exporting the content from Wordpress couldn’t be easier either thanks to another excellent plugin WP CSV.

Before importing the content, we had to just set up the relevant fields, sections and entry types we wanted to import into. Once this was done, we mapped the fields in the CSV to the relevant place and imported the content

Media Files

Once we’ve done with migrating content, The next step evolved was to get the media file uploads.Fortunately, when you use an image in Wordpress, it stores a direct reference to the URL of the image meaning it’s easily portable (assuming the path of the image doesn’t change). As anyone who has worked on Wordpress sites will know—this is a pain when deploying the site between your various environments as the domain will often change.

Although this was not the case with BoxedCMS, We used Amazon S3 to store media files separately to retrieve instantly and store efficiently. BoxedCMS will actually index anything it finds in the designated media folders so importing all the images in future use is possible.

Our Business USP

In the past we’ve had extensive CMS experience, including experience building our own, BoxedCMS is the best CMS that anyone can rely.With BoxedCMS, clients can build their portal with limited features and designs which they require. Simple yet cleaner designs which will not pinch your pocket.

I feel comparing BoxedCMS with other CMSs around the Internet is natural, but I think it’s like comparing two sports cars, Each does have their own speed and efficiency. For example, WordPress is a blogging platform and a good fit for bloggers.BoxedCMS is designed for media publishers and directory portal owners.BoxedCMS is flexible enough to handle any project with different feature request and design.It also manages all types of content without a lot of hassle.If someone needs a simple blog, I would recommend them to choose Medium, WordPress or BoxedCMS as well. BoxedCMS is one of a kind CMS which helps digital publishers and directory owners to take their business to newer heights.

Since we’ve used NodeJS and AngularJS to build the product.It’s a cakewalk to add new features and update new design templates there is no scalability issue with the technology.

You build what you love.

Business Directory

Roll out a monetizable business directory with sustainable businesses across diverse industries in every neighborhood of your city.

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Classified Directory

Build a Classified Ad directory that sells/upsells anything and everything to get your advertisement noticed by millions of users across the local community of your region.

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Real Estate Directory

Build a Real Estate directory that lists properties to get your listings noticed by millions of users across the local community of your region.

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Wedding Directory

Deploy a gorgeous wedding directory to surprise couples in each step of their wedding planning across the local community of your region.

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City Portal

Build a city portal with local events, businesses, and places to see that publishes content to audiences across the local community of your region.

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News Portal

Publish articles that fuel your mind. Deploy a News portal with real-time news to serve content around the globe noticed by millions of users.

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Lifestyle Magazine

Publish a glamorous lifestyle portal. Deploy a virtual magazine with digital content to serve readers across your local community.

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Travel Portal

Roll out a travel portal. Share conceptual information with compulsive travelers noticed by millions of users across the globe.

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Event Portal

Build a dedicated Event Portal and organize upcoming events in and around your region.

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E-Commerce Store

Get your own e-commerce business, Integrate payment gateways and accept orders from customers around the world.

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Radio Portal

Launch a Radio portal and entertain music lovers with live streaming in this new digital age.

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BoxedCMS takes security seriously and takes several measures to be secure out of the box.We host our sites in the cloud with the world’s best server Digital Ocean security.


BoxedCMS support is quite intuitive and proactive. You can talk directly to the people whom you paid for the product when you have a bug or issue. Just drop an email our team will instantly be at your service to help you.BoxedCMS not only supports you with your issues or bugs, but also takes your request to add new features.

Multi-Environment Support

Out of the box, BoxedCMS supports multiple environments. This is an absolute must for any CMS so you can develop the site locally, deploy to a staging environment, and then deploy to production. This makes it much easier to build new features and preview them to clients before integrating them on a production environment.

Still not convinced?

Well, We strongly urge you take a walk-through the platform and speak to a customer support representative who will give you first hand experience of how BoxedCMS will be helpful. We’re sure you will have total confidence in us after speaking to a support representative and you will see other agencies adapt BoxedCMS as their preferred CMS over time.

Currently we’re at the early stages of speaking to clients and building notable sites switching from their existing platform to BoxedCMS in the years to come.

A brief comparison of Cloud Hosted and Enterprise Software.

Cloud Hosted

  • Good for when there are few requirements besides content management
  • Smaller, contained scope
  • Generally smaller budgets
  • Extensibility mostly relies on existing plug-ins
  • Only requires front-end developers

Enterprise Software

  • Good for business-specific processes
  • Larger scope
  • Generally requires larger budgets
  • Can use third-party integrations
  • Requires both back- and front-end developers
  • Good for when you need high-performance or advanced search


An Enterprise Software enables you the ownership and allows you to customize both front-end and back-end with an affordable price point @ $40/hour.

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