General FAQs

What technology is BoxedCMS built on?

BoxedCMS is built on NodeJS and Angular(7) framework and also uses web technologies like HTML5, ,Bootstrap etc. BoxedCMS is built on NodeJS framework because it is faster and more robust than platforms like PHP.

Where will my website be hosted?

Your website will be hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Servers) data centers located in USA.

Can we build any directory or portal with BoxedCMS?

Yes! You can custom request to build a business directory, city portal, news portal, wedding directory, real estate directory or any web portal or directory.

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Is there any limit on number of users who can access my website or register on my website?

No! Your website can be accessed by an unlimited number of users and there are no restrictions with respect to the number of users who can register on your website.

Is BoxedCMS responsive? Will my website work on all devices?

Yes! BoxedCMS powered websites are responsive and work seamlessly on computers and mobile devices.

Will my website be compatible with all browsers?

Your website will work smoothly on recent versions of all major browsers. Here is a list of supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox 67.0.4, Internet Explorer 11.0 , Chrome, Safari: 5.0 and above, Opera: 9.5 and above

How do I set up and configure my website?

Please login to your website’s Admin Control Panel to set-up your website. The Admin Control Panel link and login credentials are included in the welcome email that you receive after you signed-up for a BoxedCMS hosted account. Select the Settings tab in the Admin Control panel to setup and customize your website.

Can we customize our website if we choose a Cloud hosted plan?

Yes! Our plans are pre-designed with standard features and design layouts. You can request for customization upon choosing the hosted plan. We charge @ $40/hour for feature/design customization.

Can we change the header/footer menu dynamically from the website?

Yes! You can dynamically change the header/footer menu links seen in the website from Admin CP.

Why do i need to designate an email account for the website?

You need to designate an email id for sending out email response to users. When people use website services they will receive auto-generated response from the designated email id.

How do I add Maps and Geolocation services to my website?

BoxedCMS uses Google Maps to display location based information. In order to enable Google Maps please enable Google services in your website from Admin CP.

How do I integrate payment gateway for collecting online payment?

BoxedCMS is tightly integrated with Stripe payment gateway. You can request for any of the supported payment gateway(s) for online payment of your choice.

Does BoxedCMS have in-built analytics and reports like Google Analytics? How can I link my website to Google Analytics?

Yes! BoxedCMS has in-built analytics/reports that offers valuable insights on web traffic and user behavior. You can also link your website to Google Analytics.

Will my website be backed-up regularly, so data can be restored?

Websites hosted on our server are backed-up every hour. The data can be restored in the event of data loss due to hacking or any technical breakdown.

Does the platform include an SSL certificate?

Yes! Its mandatory for every website to have an SSL certification. BoxedCMS owns the certification.

FAQs for Enterprise Edition Prospects/Clients

Can your team deploy BoxedCMS on our Server?

Yes we can configure and setup BoxedCMS on your server provided it complies with our hardware/software requirements as specified below

Technical Specifications:

Front-end : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS,Angular(7)
Backend : NodeJS, ExpressJS
Database : MongoDB
Web Server : Nginx, Deployment AWS Services like EC2.

What should be the maximum size of the CSV file to be uploaded? What do I do if my CSV file is larger than the permitted size?

You cannot upload a CSV file larger than 2MB. If your CSV file is larger than 2MB, you can connect our support team to get it uploaded.

Can I migrate content from my current website to BoxedCMS?

You can use BoxedCMS CSV Import feature to bulk upload content created/published on another platform. You can also contact us for end-to-end assistance on data migration. We offer data migration as an add-on service.

Do you offer white label versions of BoxedCMS Enterprise Edition for resale?

Yes! We offer white label version of BoxedCMS Enterprise edition. Resellers can purchase multiple licenses of BoxedCMS Enterprise Edition (White Label) licenses.

For how long will I receive free updates/upgrades once I purchase a license? Can I continue to receive updates/upgrades by paying an additional fee?

You’ll receive free updates/upgrades for a period of 1 year following the purchase of BoxedCMS license. To continue receiving updates/upgrades you’ll have to pay an annual fee equal to 20 % of the price of license.

PS: Updates/upgrades will not work if your BoxedCMS deployment has been subjected to extensive customization.

Can you integrate third party APIs like Yelp, opentable, Gumtree and Expedia to enhance the functionality of the Business Directory?

Yes! This will be a customization service chargeable at $40 / hour. Following this customization you’ll not be able to install future updates/upgrades on your BoxedCMS deployment.

In addition to integration with third party ad servers like Google Ads, does BoxedCMS have a native Banner Management system?

No! BoxedCMS is integrated with Google Banner advertisement as of now. You can request for inhouse banner management as a custom feature which is chargeable.

Can I deploy a BoxedCMS powered website with multiple languages?

Yes! Currently BoxedCMS is integrated with one default language of your choice.We can customize your BoxedCMS deployment with multiple languages. Customizations are chargeable at $40 / hour.

Can I create a multi-location (multi-city) website, which redirects user to subdomain based on his location?

Yes! Currently we have integration with default cities, If you need more, this is a custom feature chargeable at $40 / hour.

What is the cost of building a portal: e.g. Classified ad portal, Wedding portal, Lifestyle magazine etc? How does your pricing work?

The cost of building a portal includes the features of BoxedCMS Enterprise Edition license plus cost of customizations chargeable at $40 / hour.

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