How to switch to BoxedCMS

It’s time for a change. BoxedCMS might seem like the right choice for your website. But how do you get started with Boxed? We’ve laid out a few scenarios depending on where you are.

No existing WordPress site

If you don’t have an existing WordPress site, you can give a try with BoxedCMS demo. You can get setup in minutes and start publishing content.

You already have a WordPress site

BoxedCMS can help you transition from WordPress to BoxedCMS with no switching costs. You’ll just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Send us your export. You can access this here:
  • We handle importing everything (text, seo meta, categories, images, etc.)
  • You implement BoxedCMS into your site
  • Implement URL redirects (optional)
  • If your blog is on a subdomain ( you will want to implement 301 redirects to your new improves URLs
  • BoxedCMS lets you keep your same blog URL slugs (i.e. blog-post-slug). The difference (and one that will improve your SEO a great deal) is that you will switch from to
  • If you’re currently on a blog subdomain (like on WordPress), you can find a WordPress plugin that helps with 301 redirects

You are using a non-WordPress CMS

You can also make the switch to BoxedCMS from other CMS systems out there. If you’re using something like Hubspot or Medium, the switch to BoxedCMS is just as easy. Send us your export file (.CSV format) and we’ll handle the rest

A smooth transition

BoxedCMS was built to make developers lives easier. By extension, using BoxedCMS instead of a traditional CMS like WordPress will save your time, headaches, and money. WordPress has been around for many years, and while it is often the default CMS for businesses and individuals, it may not be the right fit for everyone. BoxedCMS is a modern approach to CMS and will deliver good customization and avoid security headaches.

Still not convinced?

Just drop us an email with your current site and the platform you’re using. We will be able to guide why BoxedCMS is better for you to choose.

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