About Us

BoxedCMS is a product owned by Boxed Publishing Services Pvt Ltd. Having affiliation with elite technology partners Stead ( A UX Design, Web & Mobile App Development Agency.) Teamed up with a “wolf pack” who dare to take up any responsibility efficiently and steadfast.

We've spent most of the last 10 years in the CMS industry, helping small and mid-sized entrepreneurs, and associations create and execute sustainable business websites, digital directories and publishing houses.

Yet our passion lies with small and mid-sized business entrepreneurs. We love helping fellow professionals learn about modern content management principles and using them to build a successful business and feel legitimize in the digital age.

As a team of CMS industry-leading professionals, we cater to an integrated approach including consultancy, design, development and ongoing support and maintenance. Unlike most agencies, we don’t have a setlist of services – we strive to be completely flexible to our client’s needs and treat each project as truly bespoke.

Our adventurous wolf pack pushes each project’s potential as far as possible by embracing the best new tools, technology, and processes to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

We strongly urge you to take a walk through the platform and speak to a customer support representative who will give you first-hand experience of how BoxedCMS will be helpful.

We’re sure you will have total confidence in us after speaking to a support representative and you will see other agencies adapt Boxed as their preferred CMS over time.

Unbox your business with us...

PS: Please request for a demo and take a walk through the product or Contact us here.

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